Make Our Food Safe

"Why food safety reform is needed to slow staggering foodborne illness"

Huffington Post | Michael F. Jacobson

"Monday, November 29 is our last best hope for the Senate to pass food safety reform. That's something I hope we can be thankful for next week.

Part of the point of Thanksgiving is to appreciate the incredible bounty of foods we enjoy and often take for granted. Imagine what the Pilgrims who landed on Plymouth Rock would have thought had they walked into a modern supermarket ... filled with an eye-popping variety of exotic fruits and vegetables from all over the world; abundant meat, poultry, and eggs; and what would likely have surprised them the most -- the thousands of boxed, canned and frozen packaged foods to choose from.

But for all of our amazing advances in agriculture and food processing, eating -- whether on Thanksgiving or any other day of the week--is still a surprisingly risky undertaking ... "

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