Make Our Food Safe

"Senate passes sweeping food-safety bill, House up next"

National Public Radio - "Shots" blog | April Fulton

"It sure took a while, but the Senate today passed the first major bill to strengthen food safety protections in 70 years. By current partisan standards, the 73-25 vote in favor of the bill was a landslide.

But before changes to the nation's system for safeguarding food become law, the Senate bill still has to get through the House, which passed its own food safety bill nearly a year and half ago. And it's not yet clear how quickly that could happen because it's not a sure thing that House Democrats are in a compromising mood.

Still, the senators who pushed for the bill sounded confident. 'The Food Safety Modernization Act will bring America's food safety system into the 21st century,' said Sen. Tom Harkin, the Iowa Democrat who chairs the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Workforce Committee..."

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