Make Our Food Safe

Editorial: "Bad eggs show need for better food safety enforcement"

The Star-Ledger |

"Years ago, when Henny Penny was scratching out doomsday messages in the barnyard dirt, eggs were among the safest foods. But now they’re produced in poultry mega-dormitories housing thousands. Just 192 egg companies own 95 percent of the nation’s egg-laying hens, which means widespread contamination is more likely, if not inevitable.

They’ve become the incredible inedible eggs, and a recall of more than a half-billion has experts scrambling for an answer: Why can’t the government better protect consumers? Over the past two years, you could make an omelette with the tainted food that has made Americans sick: eggs, onions, spinach and tomatoes. (Not to mention hamburger, pistachios, jalapeno peppers and peanuts.) ... "

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