Make Our Food Safe

Editorial: "Senate must act to protect safety of consumers"

McClatchy-Tribune News Service (Picked up by Merced Sun-Star) |

"The following editorial appeared in the Miami Herald on Wednesday, Nov. 10:

Bad eggs are in the news again with the recall this week of more than a quarter of a million of them from eight states because of Salmonella concerns. This recall is much smaller than the two massive recalls in August - 550 million eggs in all - but, to put it bluntly, one rotten egg in the food supply is one too many. At least 1,600 people fell ill in August.

And it isn't just eggs consumers need to worry about. In October, Texas health officials shut down a San Antonio-based produce and processing company after lab tests found Listeria in packaged celery products sold to hospitals, restaurants and schools. The investigation was begun after 10 people fell ill - five of them died..."

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