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Recent Editorials Push for Senate Vote on Food Safety

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The Senate votes today on landmark food safety legislation, and editorials from newspapers around the country are pushing for a positive vote.

The New York Times: "THE best opportunity in a generation to improve the safety of the American food supply will come as early as Monday night, when the Senate is scheduled to vote on the F.D.A. Food Safety Modernization bill. This legislation is by no means perfect. But it promises to achieve several important food safety objectives, greatly benefiting consumers without harming small farmers or local food producers."

The Sacramento Bee: "The Food Safety Modernization Act, S 510, is a long-overdue update to the system of food inspection. The bill faces a crucial vote in the U.S. Senate next week. The chance may not come again for years."

The San Francisco Chronicle: "Food-borne illness kills 5,000 Americans each year, sends an additional 325,000 to hospitals and costs the nation $152 billion, according to a study published this year. These numbers document a queasy feeling that many people have: Just how safe is the food on the nation's dining table?"

The Minneapolis Star Tribune: "It's a national disgrace that a landmark bill overhauling America's antiquated food-safety laws is teetering on the edge of legislative oblivion as a lame-duck Congress careers toward adjournment."

The Bemidji Pioneer: "Now fresh off its Thanksgiving break, the U.S. Senate will soon take a vote in the lame duck session on the Food Safety Modernization Act, a bill that has wide bipartisan support and offers the first major update to food safety laws in more than 70 years."