Make Our Food Safe

Editorial: "GOP's food safety cuts put U.S. at risk"

The Modesto Bee |

"How safe is the food on your plate?

Safer than it probably will be in the future if Republicans in Congress have their way.

In a sop to industry disguised as a cost-cutting measure, GOP House members earlier this month gutted a food safety law designed to step up inspections, give the government more power to issue recalls and to require imported food to meet U.S. standards.

The Republican majority eviscerated the White House's 2011-12 budget request for the Food and Drug Administration's food safety program. The $750 million allotment — $87 million less than what the agency now gets for food safety — won't be enough to put the new law into place. For good measure, Republicans also cut $35 million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's food safety and inspection service, which oversees meat and poultry plants..."

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