Make Our Food Safe

Editorial: "Landmark Food Law in Political Limbo?"

Battle Creek Enquirer | Eric J. Greene

"When President Barack Obama last year signed a bill hailed as a milestone in food safety, he stood at an exceedingly rare intersection where persuasive majorities of businesses, policymakers and consumers wanted the same thing.

Pretty much everyone who helped mold the Food Safety Modernization Act, including food companies, regulators, consumer groups and even members of both political parties, if you can imagine such a thing, was on board with the complicated plan to achieve one goal: Making sure the food you eat doesn’t make you sick or dead.


'There’s no explanation for the hold-up,' said Erik Olson, director of food programs at the Pew Health Group, in the Washington Post earlier this month. 'Until this new package of safeguards is put into place, all the promise of the new food-safety law will not be met.' ... "

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