Make Our Food Safe

Opinion: "Food safety is still on the table"

The News & Observer | Randy Napier

"Over the past few months, food-borne illness outbreaks linked to E. coli and salmonella in seafood and produce have sickened hundreds of people nationwide and, tragically, killed at least two children.

If you’ve never been touched by the debilitating – and, at times, deadly – effects of consuming contaminated food, count yourself among the fortunate. For me, these ongoing outbreaks hit close to home. In January 2009, my mother died in Ohio after eating contaminated peanut butter.

As part of her nightly routine, she would make herself a peanut butter sandwich. But right around the New Year, days after eating another typical late-evening snack, she became ill and was rushed to the hospital because she was suffering from kidney failure. Soon she developed sepsis, which began to poison her organs..."

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