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Editorial: "Late Better Than Never for New Food-Safety Rules"

Philadelphia Inquirer |

"The Food and Drug Administration has proposed the most sweeping changes in food-safety rules in decades. The changes being made under the Food Safety Modernization Act, which became law in 2011, are long overdue and should be implemented as soon as possible.

If adopted, the new rules would require farmers to take common-sense precautions against food contamination by making sure workers wash their hands, irrigation water is clean, and animals are kept out of fruit and vegetable fields.
Also, a food-safety plan would be required for food manufacturers as evidence that efforts are being made to keep their operations clean.

Abiding by the new rules could cost large farms about $30,000 a year and manufacturers up to $475 million annually, the FDA said.

The changes also should help the FDA operate much better, taking it from an agency that reacts to food crises to a proactive operation that can prevent contamination from occurring.

Toward that end, Congress must adequately fund the agency so it can provide better oversight under the new regulations and better protect consumers from foods that make them sick. The proposed regulations come in the aftermath of a rash of recent deadly outbreaks linked to peanuts, cantaloupes, and leafy greens."

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