Make Our Food Safe

"Rolling the Dice on FoodBorne Illnesses"

The New York Times |

The government shutdown has caused staff reductions at two important federal health agencies, increasing the risk of serious harm to American consumers from food-borne illnesses. The two agencies — the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — have decided to focus their remaining resources on imminent threats. But they have shut down very important work that allows them to spot potentially serious problems in advance and take steps to head them off. The longer Congressional Republicans allow the shutdown to continue, the greater the danger of harm.

The F.D.A., which regulates most of the food Americans eat, has furloughed about 6,620 about of its 14,800 employees. The agency is no longer conducting routine inspections in this country or abroad of food manufacturers, warehouses, packers, distributors and other key links in the food production chain. It had planned to average 200 routine inspections a week.

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