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"Salmonella outbreak spurs recall of 13 brands of eggs nationwide"

San Jose Mercury News | Julie Chang

"An outbreak of salmonella in eggs has prompted nationwide recalls and has caused hospitalizations in counties across the U.S. - including several in Santa Clara County.

Since May, 38 people in the county and at least 266 people across the state have become ill after eating contaminated eggs. Three people in Santa Clara County have been hospitalized. Federal and state public health and agriculture officials led an ongoing investigation that traced a strain of salmonella back to eggs distributed by Wright County Egg, in Galt, Iowa.

"Salmonella enteritidis is one of the top three common strains of salmonella. Quite a lot of Salmonella enteritidis is associated with eggs," said Dr. Sara Cody, deputy health officer
of the Santa Clara County Public Health Department. "We usually have more salmonella during the summer."..."

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