Make Our Food Safe

"Egg recall puts spotlight on food safety"

The Morning Call | Tim Darragh and Andrew McGill

"Last year, Paul Sauder got the call: Eggs at the Harvest Lane Farm in Lancaster County had tested positive for salmonella.

For a man who eats two poached eggs for breakfast every day, that's bad news. For a businessman who collects from 80 poultry farms — including Harvest Lane — and distributes to Weis Markets and other grocery stores, it's potentially catastrophic.

But as owner of Sauder's Eggs, a Lititz, Lancaster County, distribution company his grandfather founded in the midst of the Great Depression, Sauder counts that call as a proud memory. Unlike the two Iowa farms that inadvertently released salmonella-infected eggs earlier this month, sickening more than a thousand and launching a recall of a half-billion eggs as of last week, farmers caught the infection before the eggs went out to market."

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