Make Our Food Safe

"Son of Salmonella Casualty Speaks to U.S. Senate"

FOX 9 News | Scott Wasserman

"WASHINGTON, D.C. - As people across the metro enjoy barbecues this Labor Day weekend, the safety of food continues to be a hot topic. Just this past week a major settlement was reached for three Minnesota families who lost loved ones during the peanut butter salmonella outbreak less than two years ago. 

Saying it won't bring his mother back Jeff Almer doesn't feel any joy and is not rejoicing over the settlement. 

While he believes hitting food producers in the pocketbook can help spark change, the only way to really keep the public safe is to overhaul the food safety industry. It has been a frustrating 21 months for Almer, who lost his mother Shirley in December of 2008 ... "

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