Make Our Food Safe

"New Food Safety Bill Likely to Pass"

AOL Slashfood | Naomi Shulman

"A new bill being put to the United States Senate zeroes in on "bad actors" in the food industry. Currently, the FDA can tell a company to recall suspect food, but if that company refuses to comply (i.e., 'acts badly'), the FDA has limited ability to force follow-through. The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, or S. 510, is intended to expand the FDA's authority in these matters. A similar bill passed through the House months ago, but got held up in the Senate's recent logjam of health care and financial reform. Now the bill is receiving new attention, reports the Minnesota Star-Tribune, in the wake of a rash of tainted food recalls. 

Senator Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., lead sponsor of the bill, explained to Minnesota Public Radio that the latest troubles with eggspeanut butter, and jalapeño peppers underscore the need for enhanced legislation. 'I think we can do a lot better with our food safety system,' she told reporters. '...There is a glaring problem with the FDA and a glaring problem with resources and their lack of authority to do recalls and get company records' ... "

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