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"New Wright County Egg data on salmonella stun experts"

USA Today | Elizabeth Weise

"Newly released reports pointing to years of positive salmonella tests at an Iowa egg facility have baffled some experts and egg producers.

Congressional investigators say they have obtained records that show Wright County Egg had evidence of even more problems than filth and vermin, as the Food and Drug Administration reported last month. The records show that since 2008, the company, which is at the center of the outbreak that sickened about 1,500 people and led to the recall of 550 million eggs, has had multiple positive tests for salmonella that it did not report.

Wright County Egg received 426 positive results for salmonella, including 73 samples that were potentially positive for salmonella enteritidis, the strain involved in this summer's outbreak, the records show. There is no indication the company notified local, state or federal officials ... "

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