Make Our Food Safe

"Impasse on food-safety bill"

Politico | Meredith Shiner

"A bipartisan food safety bill hit another road block Wednesday night, with Democrats and Republican Tom Coburn offering dueling consent agreements for approval only to find themselves right where they started: no deal. 

Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) attempted to move the legislation, which would overhaul a nearly century-old regulatory system, via unanimous consent, but Republican Tom Coburn of Oklahoma objected to the offer. Coburn, in turn, made his own offer, using an amendment he wrote — and for which he was guaranteed an up-or-down vote in Reid's original proposal — as the basis of the bill. 

What happened next was a scene of confusion on the floor: Reid seemed to believe that Coburn was making a good-faith compromise, telling the Oklahoma Republican he'd 'see if there is something we can do to move the ball down the field' only to learn from aides shortly after leaving the floor that he had been duped by legislative wordplay."

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