Make Our Food Safe

"Egg farmer 'sorry' for salmonella illnesses"

The Washington Post | Lyndsey Layton


"Before a congressional panel and consumers sickened by tainted eggs from his Iowa agribusiness, Austin 'Jack' DeCoster said Wednesday that he was sorry for causing what has become the biggest national outbreak of salmonella illness on record.

'We were horrified to learn our eggs may have made people sick,' said DeCoster, 77, whose hands shook as he made his first public statements about the outbreak. 'I've prayed several times a day for all these people for improved health.'

DeCoster told the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on oversight and investigations that he erred by trying to run his massive complex of 107 barns on 66 acres as if it were a small business, without employing sophisticated technology to combat salmonella contamination ... "

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