Make Our Food Safe

"Fried, Scrambled, Infected"

The New York Times | William Neuman

"Last week, Austin J. DeCoster, one of the country’s biggest egg farmers, was asked by a Congressional committee how eggs from his Iowa farms had sickened thousands of people nationally with a bacterium called Salmonella enteritidis. His answer: 'This is a complicated subject.'

More than half a billion eggs were recalled last month, the majority from a group of Iowa farms, called Wright County Egg, owned by Mr. DeCoster. It is not the first time that eggs he produced made people sick. He has sold eggs that caused salmonella outbreaks several times before, including a 1987 outbreak at a New York City hospital in which about 500 people got sick and 9 died.

All that has many people looking askance at the eggs in the supermarket and wondering what is safe ... "

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