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"Countries exporting to U.S. sharpen food safety focus"

The Packer | Tom Karst

"Countries that supply big volumes of fresh produce to the U.S. are sharpening their focus on prevention of foodborne illness outbreaks, according to a just published research report. The Produce Safety Project supports food safety reform legislation said Jim O’Hara, director of the Produce Safety Project. He said the report helps inform that effort by lawmakers.

O’Hara said the U.S. is not less developed than other countries in regard to fresh produce standards, but growers have said they need uniformity and standardization of what is being required of them.

O’Hara said food safety is a government responsibility but exactly how the government conducts its oversight is a matter of public debate.

'I think clearly what we have seen is that government inspections are important,' he said. 'The cop on the beat is an important function of government. '

In regard to trade issues, O’Hara said harmonization of global fresh produce standards could ease trade friction..."

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