Make Our Food Safe

"In rare bipartisan display, Senate advances food safety bill"

Los Angeles Times | Lisa Mascaro and P.J. Huffstutter

"WASHINGTON — A long-stalled food safety bill advanced in the Senate Wednesday, drawing unusual bipartisan support in the wake of an egg recall that was the largest in U.S. history, ordered because of contamination that sickened thousands.

The Food Safety Modernization Act would increase agricultural inspections and require enhanced industry recordkeeping. Wednesday's vote was 74-25, with all Democrats and more than a dozen Republicans in support. A final vote is expected in the coming days.

Most policymakers and food safety experts agree the regulatory system is deficient, and that the bill represents the first major step in seven decades to streamline the nation's often unwieldy food safety system. Yet they also agree that lawmakers will need to overcome significant hurdles before the bill reaches the president's desk to be signed into law..."

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