Make Our Food Safe

"Pending U.S. food safety bill promises more accountability - backed by science"

Scientific American | Katherine Harmon

"Where did your most recent meal come from? Whether or not it was the supermarket, a nice restaurant or nearby drive-through, its contents probably came from not just one U.S. locality but a smattering of states—and countries. Just which ones, though, neither you nor the people who sold, packaged or processed it are likely to know for sure.

If The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act recently passed by the Senate becomes law, companies and consumers would have a much better chance of tracing food back to its farm and factory origins. Such data are crucial in this age of ever more connected food supplies for helping health officials discern the source of major foodborne illness outbreaks, like the salmonella-tainted eggs that sickened more than 2,000 people this summer.


'The whole framework for food safety law will change from this bill: from being reactive to turn[ing] it around and make it preventive, and avoid contamination before it gets onto grocery shelves,' says Erik Olson, director of the Food and Consumer Product Safety Programs at the Pew Charitable Trusts..."

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