Make Our Food Safe

"Food, obesity, and regulation: Simmering culture war boils over"

ABC News | Sherisse Pham

"It's the holiday season – a time for gastronomic, even gluttonous indulgence. Between the candy canes and the candied yams lies a world of caloric intake.

But the onslaught of calories is also fueling something else: the simmering culture war over food. President Obama signed into law the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 on Monday, marking the largest investment in child nutrition programs since their inception.

The bill sets standards for food served in school cafeterias, vending machines and stores, among other things. Then there's the Food Safety Bill passed by the Senate last month and headed further consideration this week. The bill greatly strengthens the Food and Drug Administration and is intended to keep unsafe foods, such as the recent spate of salmonella-tainted eggs, from reaching markets and restaurants..."

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