Make Our Food Safe

"FDA official: GOP amendment could gut preventative food-safety effort"

The Hill | Julian Pecquet

"The top regulator in charge of putting in place the new food-safety law said Tuesday that a Republican-sponsored amendment to the Food and Drug Administration's budget would curtail the agency's ability to protect the public health.

The amendment cleared the House Appropriations Committee last week on a 29-20 vote. Introduced by Rep. Denny Rehberg (Mont.), it prohibits funding for FDA regulatory activity unless it is based on 'hard science' and a cost-benefit analysis.

'Public health is all about prevention,' said Michael Taylor, the FDA's deputy commissioner for foods. 'FDA prides itself in being a science-based agency that wants to use the best available science to protect people. And legislation that would require us to wait until people are hurt in order to take action is counter, in our view, to what public health is all about...'"

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