Make Our Food Safe

"F.D.A. confronts challenge of monitoring imports"

New York Times | Gardiner Harris


"WASHINGTON — The Food and Drug Administration commissioner, Dr. Margaret Hamburg, has repeatedly expressed alarm about the waves of imported food and drugs overwhelming her organization’s ability to monitor them, but through the first two years of her leadership she had not provided a strategy to deal comprehensively with this problem — until now.

On Monday, the F.D.A. released a rare special report titled 'Pathway to Global Product Safety and Quality' that is likely to win plaudits not so much for the four 'building blocks' it outlines for dealing with imports but for the frank way it acknowledges the problem.

'This report in large part is meant to frame the issue so that all of our colleagues inside the F.D.A. and external to the F.D.A. really understand how much the world has changed and the necessity of how much we do business in the F.D.A. has to be dramatically transformed,' Dr. Hamburg said in an interview..."

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