Make Our Food Safe

"Illness-causing bacteria may linger inside fresh produce"

Lafayette Journal and Courier | Taya Flores

"As a vegetarian, Jessica Rusco eats fresh produce at every meal. But she isn't concerned that her fruits and vegetables might be contaminated with bacteria such as salmonella or E.coli.

'It seems pretty rare,' the 35-year-old Lafayette woman said. 'I buy most of my produce at the farmers market and I just rinse it.'

However, rinsing the surface of produce may not be enough, according to new Purdue University research. The researchers found that E. coli and salmonella doesn't just reside on the surface of plants, but can live inside plant tissues.

'It means there is a risk for having internalized bacteria in fresh produce and just simply washing it may not get rid of it,' said Amanda Deering, lead author..."

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