Make Our Food Safe

"IBM boosts food safety with software"

Wall Street Journal | Laurie Burkitt

"BEIJING—International Business Machines Corp. researchers in Beijing are developing new software to help consumers and companies track—from production to dinner plate—the food they eat to avoid contamination pitfalls that have plagued food manufacturers and consumers globally.

While consumers would use a mobile handset to access the software, food makers use a computer, below, to analyze the food-processing chain.

The Food Safety Simulator aims to educate shoppers about the reliability of their groceries by arming them with a mobile application that lets them scan the bar code of a product to see how safe it is. IBM assigns the product a star-rating—similar to a restaurant review service—using such factors as safety-inspection failures, supplier history, and recent recalls. A high number of stars means shoppers can feel confident about their selections.

The application—a finalist in this year's Asian Innovation Awards—displays how products stack up against competitors and it enables users to report health problems..."

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