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"Listeria outbreak traced to Colo. cantaloupes claims victims in Md., Va."

Washington Post | Dana ElBoghdady

"A deadly food-borne bacteria linked to cantaloupes in more than a dozen states is suspected of killing one person in Maryland and sickening another in Virginia, health officials confirmed on Thursday.

Officials in Maryland and Virginia declined to identify the two people affected, but they said that each tested positive for a strain of listeria associated with the national outbreak that has killed eight people and sickened 55 in 14 states since early August. Most of the victims were older than 60, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

Earlier this week, the Food and Drug Administration determined that the listeria-infected cantaloupes were produced at Jensen Farms, a Colorado operation that has voluntarily recalled the 300,000 cases of cantaloupes it shipped from July 29 through Sept. 10..."

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