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"Listeria-laced cantaloupes tied to 13 deaths, CDC says"

CBS/Associated Press picked up by | Ryan Jaslow

"The Listeria illness outbreak linked to cantaloupes may be one of the deadliest in recent history, according to new CDC estimates.

Listeria illness, with symptoms including fever and muscle aches so severe that victims sometimes are incapacitated, has now sickened 72 people across 18 states, according to the CDC.

The CDC now says 13 deaths have been caused by the cantaloupe-carried infection. The death toll - which includes newly confirmed deaths in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and two deaths in Texas - surpassed the total from the 2009 deadly salmonella outbreak from peanuts that killed nine.

Officials say the death toll could soon reach 16, as they are investigating additional deaths in New Mexico, Kansas, and Wyoming..."

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