Make Our Food Safe

"Food-borne illness outbreaks have NJ consumers shopping local"

My Central Jersey | Robert Ward

"TOMS RIVER — For patrons like Marilyn Miller, the township farmers market and its New Jersey–grown food are a favored alternative to supermarket produce aisles that bring in product from across the continent.

Miller said her preference was affirmed when news came of cantaloupes from a Colorado farm contaminated with listeria that sickened 116 people and led to 23 deaths — the deadliest outbreak since 1985.

'I asked the girls here about it,” Miller said, toting a bag of produce at the weekly Wednesday market on Water Street. “When you grow anything in soil, you’re bound to pick up bacteria. It’s how you process it, and the big companies have different processing than local growers. … Local produce, if you can buy it, is the best way to go... '"

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