Make Our Food Safe

"Cantaloupe growers demand more state action on listeria scare"

The Pueblo Chieftain | Anthony A. Mestas

"ROCKY FORD -- Cantaloupe producers in the Lower Arkansas Valley say their fruit has been world famous for more than 120 years.

'And in all those years, we have never had a problem with our cantaloupe. But now we have been harmed by the listeria outbreak in cantaloupe far from here,' Chuck Hanagan, a Swink farmer, said Monday.

'That situation, in lumping all growers in the area with the listeria outbreak, has left a bitter taste in the mouths of all the growers here.'

Hanagan along with several area growers met with Colorado Agriculture Commissioner John Salazar Monday to look at ways to create an association geared toward improving consumer confidence in Rocky Ford cantaloupe..."

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