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"Target scrambles to line up new egg suppliers"

Associated Press, picked up by the News & Observer (NC) | Steve Karnowski

"MINNEAPOLIS -- Egg shortages were reported at some Target stores after the retailer ended its relationship with a producer accused of animal cruelty, and the company scrambled Monday to line up new suppliers before Thanksgiving.

Shortages were reported at stores as far away as Chicago and North Carolina after Minneapolis-based Target Corp. decided to quit doing business with Litchfield-based Sparboe Farms. An undercover video shot by animal rights activists at farms in three states revealed mistreatment to hens and chicks that even Sparboe described as sickening.

McDonald's Corp. and Cargill Inc. were the first major customers to announce Friday that they had cut off Sparboe, followed quickly by Target and the Minnesota chain Lunds and Byerly's. It wasn't clear whether any other national or regional chains were affected. Officials with some other major chains said they didn't buy from Sparboe and anticipated no shortages for the holidays..."

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