Make Our Food Safe

"Food imports blamed for disease outbreaks"

ABC News | Dan Ashley

"Nearly half of all food borne disease outbreaks in 2009 and 2010 were caused by imported food according to new numbers from the Centers for Disease Control.

Fish and spices were the biggest culprits, and that is especially alarming because 80 percent of the seafood consumed in the United States comes from overseas, but the Food and Drug Administration inspects less than 5 percent of it.

So, what's being done to keep your food safe?

Chances are, the fish at your local market comes from thousands of miles away, from places like China, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam. It winds up in huge refrigerators and freezers like one in the South Bay. There, it is the job of FDA consumer safety officers like Lija Fellows to make sure it is safe. 'I am looking at everything from the labeling from the outside of the carton, all the way in to most interior labeling. I'm looking that product is what they say it is,' she says..."

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