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"Warning over deadly outbreak of salmonella in cantaloupes criticized"

The Indianapolis Star | Tony Cook

A deadly outbreak of salmonella in cantaloupes is stirring controversy about how transparent state and federal health authorities should be as they investigate the source of food-borne illnesses.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Indiana State Department of Health advised consumers Friday to throw out cantaloupe grown in southwestern Indiana following a salmonella outbreak that killed two people and sickened about 150 people across the country, including 14 people in Indiana.

As a result of initial investigations by Indiana and Kentucky state health officials, an unidentified farm in southwestern Indiana voluntarily contacted its distributors and withdrew its cantaloupe from the market. The farm also agreed to stop shipping the melon for the rest of the growing season.

Some food safety advocates are now calling on health officials to release the name of the farm and stores where its cantaloupes were sold.

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