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"FDA Warns Iowa Egg Firm Over Bacteria"

ABC News | Ryan J. Foley, AP

"A company that promised to clean up Iowa's egg industry after a nationwide salmonella outbreak in 2010 said Friday that a recent government safety inspection discovered the bacteria in two of its barns and that it took steps to protect consumers.

Centrum Valley Farms said in a statement issued to The Associated Press that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found the strain of bacteria known as salmonella heidelberg in two of six poultry houses that were tested at its production facility in Clarion, Iowa, during a routine inspection in May. The company said the presence of the bacteria in the barns did not mean any eggs were tainted, but that it nonetheless diverted an unspecified number from the market 'in the interest of egg safety.'

The company said the eggs were withheld until they tested negative for the bacteria four times and were eventually approved for sale by the FDA..."

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