Make Our Food Safe

"Foodborne Illness Victim Becomes a Poster Child For Change"

Boise Weekly | Christina Marfice

"Kyle was a strong, healthy and active 2-year-old when he fell ill with what appeared to be a bad stomach flu.

'It didn't really worry us at first,' said Allgood. Kyle's older sister had been ill for several days, and Kyle didn't begin to show symptoms until after she had recovered. But in the first few days of his illness Kyle's symptoms worsened, and Allgood suspected he knew why.

'We had heard the reports that there was E. Coli in spinach and we were eating it regularly,' he said. 'We said that we think that it's E. Coli, so that's how we were treating him the whole time.'


Since Kyle's death, Allgood has become an advocate for better food safety regulations. He is currently involved in a campaign to implement the Food Safety Modernization Act, a law signed by President Barack Obama in January 2011. The act is a consolidation of several laws drafted gradually over the last 15 years and serves mainly to update food safety provisions upheld by the Food and Drug Administration. According to Sandra Eskin, project director of the Pew Health Group's Food Safety Campaign, certain food safety regulations haven't been changed since the 1930s..."


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