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New CDC Data Shows Pregnant Latinas With Highest Rates of Contracting Listeria

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At the mention of the word ‘salmonella,’ most people start throwing away questionable foods, spraying down countertops with anti-bacterial cleaners and wiping clean cutting boards. Yet, mention the word ‘listeria,’ and most people aren’t sure what it means or what to do about it.

Well, listeria is a lot like salmonella and what’s important to know is that the food-borne disease, the third leading cause of death from food poisoning, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), has increasingly been affecting pregnant women — especially pregnant Latinas.


Yet, why are pregnant Latinas so prone to getting listeria?

It’s all in the diet.

The CDC found that the main source of listeria for pregnant Latinas — 58 percent of the cases — was because they ate Mexican-style cheeses.

Not because the cheeses were ‘Mexican-style’ but because they may not have been made under the most pasteurized conditions that would have killed the bacteria.

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