Make Our Food Safe

''Estimate: 1 in 6 Americans Will Get Food Poisoning This Year'' | Sylvia Perez

"It is estimated that one in six Americans will get sick from food poisoning this year.

That's 48 million people. And the grim reality: some will suffer the rest of their life and others will die.

The Food and Drug Administration wants to stop foodborne illness at the source with proposed changes to the way food is grown and processed .

In Chicago Monday and Tuesday, the public is invited to weigh in.

Nancy Donley lost her 6-year-old son, Alex, 20 years ago after he ate a hamburger tainted with the dangerous E. coli bacteria.

Since then, there have been other deadly outbreaks -- everything from contaminated cantaloupes to peanut butter.

Donley is now a spokesperson for the organization Stop Foodborne Illness.

"Back when my son got sick and died, I had assumed that food we purchased was safe," said Donley. "It was just something people assumed, and people still do assume that today, and unfortunately, it's not the case."

Chicago is the site of one of only three public hearings on this issue."

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