Make Our Food Safe

"FDA Gathers Guidance On New Food Safety Law"

Oregon Public Broadcasting | April Baer

"Portlander Joe Day tearfully recalled the year his family spent Thanksgiving in a hospital cafeteria, as his sister, suffering from e coli, fought for her life several floors above.

'Kind of ironic, the first three words I have on this page here, I've already heard three times today: 'I'll never forget,' said Portlander Joe Day, who recalled standing with his grandfather at his sister's hospital bedside when she was sickened by E. coli. "As he looked down at her in bed, unconscious, unresponsive, in bed, one corner of her mouth drooping from an unidentifiable neurological complication, I saw a look of helpless fear cross his face I thought I'd never live to see.'

After weeks in the hospital, Day's sister made it off her respirator and recovered from E. coli. But Day invoked other, fatal cases and implored FDA staff to stand by the Act's priority on preventing food-borne illness, rather than reacting to it."

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