Make Our Food Safe

"Citizens Push For FDA To Prevent Food Poisoning Outbreaks"

Oregon Public Broadcasting | April Baer

"Six years ago, Bend resident Chrissy Christoferson's ten-month-old son suffered a ten-day struggle with what first appeared to be a touch of the flu.

Bend resident Chrissy Christoferson had specific requests for the FDA, like testing ingredients like imported spices, and end product and environmental testing.

'We didn't think much of it. We begrudgingly changed diaper after diaper. But after a few days we became concerned, especially after layers of skin were falling off with each diaper change,' Christoferson said.

The diagnosis: a salmonella infection. Christoferson says her son was likely sickened by contaminated imported spice added to the snack Veggie Booty. The product's parent company wound up recalling Veggie Booty.

Christoferson asked FDA staff to catch outbreaks before they happen."

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