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"Taylor Farms de Mexico Halts Salad Production Amid Cyclospora Outbreak"

CBS News | Ryan Jaslow

"Taylor Farms de Mexico, a company that produces bagged salad mixes linked to a cyclospora outbreak in two states, has suspended its operations.
The company informed the Food and Drug Administration Monday that it halted all its production and shipments of any salad mix, leafy green or salad mix components from its operations in Mexico to the United States. The company said it won't resume operations without the FDA's approval.

The FDA said Aug. 2 that an investigation revealed illness clusters at four restaurants that were traced to Taylor Farms de Mexico. The eateries were Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants in Nebraska and Iowa, and the salad mix in question contained iceberg and romaine lettuce, red cabbage and carrots. The restaurant chains are owned by Darden Restaurants.
To date, this salad max has only been implicated in the Iowa and Nebraska outbreaks. The company's Mexico branch however will halt production on everything."

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