Make Our Food Safe

"Pennsylvania County Growers Work to Stay Ahead of Food Safety Issues"

Lancaster Online | Dick Wanner

"Chris High has been farming his 73 acres in Ephrata for 25 years.

There are 77,000 broilers on the farm, and the cropland is planted in corn and soybeans. And there always has been some kind of produce.

Two years ago, High and his wife, Dawn, decided to focus their produce business on Pennsylvania Simply Sweet onions.

They rented an acre and a half from a nearby farmer who has no livestock and had made no recent manure applications. There's also a good well on the property.

The Highs could have grown onions on their 73 acres, but the couple were concerned about new safety regulations that embody a stew of abbreviations — FSMA, FDA, GAP, USFPA and the Harmonize inspection program."

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