Make Our Food Safe

Food Safety Campaign ToolKit

We all need good food everyday in order to survive and thrive.  Food is the foundation for good health and provides the fuel on which our bodies run. Nutritious foods help us build healthy cells and fight off infection.  But, our bodies need clean fuel.

Foodborne Illness is preventable. With food-safety reforms, we can reduce deaths and life-threatening illness.  That's the main message in our food safety campaign. To help you get the message out to your community in a strong, compelling way, we've created this kit that has everything you need to run a successful campaign. Inside, you'll find message points, background materials, and advice on how to conduct a successful meeting with your lawmaker[s].  Use these materials to create awareness and support for events, rallies and other ideas you may have.

The Toolkit

Make Our Food Safe. Spread the word.


Help us find support for food-safety regulatory reform that protects all of us, including children, the sick and the elderly -- our most vulnerable citizens. To learn more about how to spread the message, get involved and use this kit, contact the Make Our Food Safe campaign staff.