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FDA Food Safety Modernization Act Signed into Law


On January 4, 2011, President Barack Obama signed the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) into law and put in motion the biggest overhaul of the nation’s food safety regulations in over seven decades.  Organizations representing foodborne illness victims, as well as public healthand consumer groups worked tirelessly to enact FSMA with its provisions protecting the nation’s food supply.



Coalition Member Reactions 


"Congress and President Obama should be applauded for enacting historic food safety legislation that will provide the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with improved authorities to oversee the safety of the nation's food supply and prevent foodborne illness. This reform is the first major update to the law in over 70 years..."

-- Shelley Hearne, Pew Health Group
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"The National Consumers League, America’s oldest consumer organization, applauds the U.S. Senate for passing the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, S. 510.  This longoverdue legislation overhauls woefully outdated food safety laws, strengthening the ability of the Food and Drug Administration to help prevent foodborne illness and death in the United States..." 

-- Sally Greenberg, National Consumers League
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"A sweeping overhaul of America’s food safety system cleared its final hurdle in Congress today as the House approved the bill and sent it to the President to sign into law. The House approved the final measure by a vote of 215-144..." 

-- Consumers Union
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"Trust for America's Health (TFAH) applauded the U.S. Senate today for the passing the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010 (S. 510). The bill finally gives the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the authority it needs to help prevent foodborne illnesses - for the first time ever..." 

-- Trust for America's Health
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Media Coverage Highlights


January 13, 2011
"More FDA funding needed to ensure food safety"
We've all heard the saying that 'too many chef spoil the soup.' However, it took many chefs to craft the right recipe for landmark food safety legislation that was signed by the president just last week. The legislation maeks the most sweeping reform of food safety oversight in more than 70 years..."
The Hill's Congress Blog, by Rebecca W. Rimel and Pamela G. Bailey


January 9, 2011
"Consumer 10.0 Food safety finally gets its due"

"The incredible, edible egg - or at least those coming from two rodent-infested Iowa egg farms - caused 1,937 traceable illnessses from Salmonella enteritidis last year, which means the contaminated eggs probably sickened nearly 60,000 people nationwide..." 
The Philadelphia Inquirer, by Jeff Gelles


January 4, 2011
FDA Prepates to Enact New Food-Safety Law

"The Food and Drug Administration is preparing to enact provisions of the new food-safety bill that was passed by Congress in the waning days of 2010 and is expected to be signed into law Tuesday. The FDA is already working to write the regulations needed to enact the bill, Commissioner Margaret Hamburg said Monday..." 
The Wall Street Journal, By Bill Tomson


December 21, 2011
House Passes Overhaul of Food Laws

"The House of Representatives gave final approval on Tuesday to a long-awaited modernization of the nation's food safety laws, voting 215 to 144 to grant the Food and Drug Administration greater authority over food production." 
The New York Times, by William Neuman 

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Positive Public Statements 


Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services Secretary
"The Food Safety Modernization Act is the most significant food safety law of the last hundred years.  It will bring our food safety system into the 21st century, improve health, save lives, and help Americans feel confident when they sit down at the dinner table that they won't end up in the hospital." (Full statement)


Senator Harry Reid, D-NV
"Our food safety system has not been updated in almost a century. Families in Nevada and across America should never have to worry about whether the food they put on their table is safe. This is a common-sense issue with broad bipartisan support. Tonight we unanimously passed a measure to improve on our current food safety system by giving the FDA the resources it needs to keep up with advances in food production and marketing, without unduly burdening farmers and food producers." (Full statement)


Senator Richard Burr, R-NC
"Our nation's food safety system was designed over a century ago and was appropriate for a world in which most of our food was grown and processed domestically.  I voted in support of S. 510 today because I believe it is important that we modernize and update our approach to food safety to address issues that stem from our increasingly global food supply. After months of discussion and debate, I am confident the final version will work for North Carolina and will protect small processors and farms." (Full statement)


Grocery Manufacturers Association
"On behalf of GMA, its member companies and the entire food and beverage industry I would like to thank President Obama for his leadership and dedication to strengthening and modernizing America's food safety system. Today's bill signing marks a historic moment for our country - as it represents the most comprehensive reform of our nation's food safety laws in more than 70 years.  This landmark legislation provides FDA with the resources and authorities the agencyneeds to help strengthen our nation's food safety system by making prevention the focus of our food safety strategies, and will help restore the public's faith in the safety and security of the food supply." (Full statement)

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